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Interview with professor Simon Biggs | Mature

Leader of the MATURE project, Anu Siren, visited professor Simon Biggs in Melbourne in February. Anu and Simon recorded an interview in which they discussed, among other things, what is the cultural adaptation societies have to go through as populations are ageing:

Anu: It seems like we are talking about broader than just mere reforms of social policy or initiatives like age friendly society?

Simon: Yeah, I Think so. I think that when you look at the narratives that we have to explain old age, they firstly are not taken into account by contemporary national and international policy. And secondly, those policies are often imported from elsewhere so they are not concerns that arise from the human life course or from a long life but from anxieties that the politicians may have and economists may have around paying for services.

Listen to the whole interview:

The interview was centered around Simon’s new book, ”Negotiating Ageing. Cultural adaptation to the prospect of a long life” that is published by Routledge.

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