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Mature project conference 2018 | Mature

On the 22nd of August 2018, the Mature team hosted a project conference in Vejle, at Munkebjerg Hotel. The aim was to disseminate the findings from the project, to provide various insights into the societal implications of population ageing, and to provide networking opportunities for people interested in the topic of population ageing.
We had a programme with a variety of speakers from the MATURE team, international guests and partners, who all had their individual take on the field of gerontology. The topics varied from robotics to arts, which illustrates how diverse the implications of ageing are.







Audience ready for an interesting day ahead










The day started with breakfast, and afterwards all the guest moved in to the conference room where the programme started. Anu Siren, the project leader of Mature, welcomed all guests and gave an introduction to the Mature project and its purposes.






Anu Siren introducing project MATURE










MATURE leads the way to better welfare services for older adults in the future with the goal of increasing quality of life without accompanied increased costs.
Innovation Fond Denmark has invested in the project and VIVE – the Danish Centre for Social Science Research is lead investigator in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark, University College Absalon, Svendborg municipality and nursing home Skovhuset. MATURE kicked off in February 2017 and the project continues until January 2020.


The first keynote speaker was professor Marjolein Brose van Groenou (Vrije Universitet Amsterdam), who presented her research on care networks in later life. This presentation provided interesting perspectives on the structures of care networks, and the vast array of research activities on the topic of care arrangements that Marjolein has been working on. The talk facilitated good conversation afterwards, and Marjolein answered some questions from the audience regarding her work.





Marjolein Broese van Groenou on digital tools in care networks







Britt Öslund talking about the importance of images of the users of technology








After the coffee break, the programme was split into two separate tracks (Danish/English). On the first one, Stine Østergaard (VIVE), Ulla Skjødt (University College Absalon) and Karen Andersen-Ranberg (SDU) presented their current work. On the second track, we had international guests Moon Choi (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Britt Öslund (KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm), and project coordinator Anu Siren (VIVE) sharing their resent work.






Agnete Aslaug Kjær and her project about public service efficacy among older adults







During the lunch break guests engaged in interesting conversations and reflections about the presentations they had just heard. After lunch, the programme was again split into two tracks (Danish/English). On the first track, guests were able to participate in a workshops with Ulla Skjødt and Marie Aakjær from University College Absalon. On the other track, the presentations focused on social science of ageing, and the Mature team members from VIVE Agnete Aslaug Kjær, Anu Siren, and Anna Amilon presented their resent research findings on user capacity, childlessness and volunteering in old age.

The conference ended with our second keynote, which was given by professor Desmond O’Neill from Trinity College Dublin. Desmond’s talk was entitled “The art of the longevity dividend” and he described in a fascinating way about the connection and meaning of art with older adults. The talk left the audience inspired, which was reflected in the lively discussion and many questions afterwards.






Desmond O’Neill talking about ageing in a positive way










While the official programme was over for the day, it did not mean that the conversation ended here. Both the guests and the MATURE team were very pleased with the outcome of the day and for those who continued their stay at Munkebjerg, discussions and reflections lasted until late at night. From the MATURE team’s perspective, the day was a success and we are very thankful for people participating in it.













Mature team members and international guests enjoying a break between presentations