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MATURE – Meeting the challenges in population ageing through innovation and cultural adaptation of welfare society

The coming decades both the number and the share of older adults in society will grow significantly. If society is to successfully handle this challenge, organizing welfare services in new ways is crucial. The goal of MATURE is to assist society with the task of innovating welfare services by providing new knowledge about different groups of older adults, their resources and needs.  In addition, technological advancements are tested in their potential in fulfilling older adults’ needs and preferences.

MATURE investigates potentials and risks connected to a series of social, technological and organizational innovations. The following innovations are tested and evaluated: 1) a social innovation based on digital sharing economy developed in cooperation with older adults, 2) telemedical technology for the prevention of illnesses and acute hospitalization, and 3) welfare technological solutions in nursing homes with focus on increased quality of life among residents.

On the basis of the acquired research knowledge, scenarios are developed about future welfare solutions and their users, recommendations for providers and developers of welfare services as well as the development of continuous education programs targeted health care professionals.

MATURE leads the way to better welfare services for older adults in the future with the goal of increasing quality of life without accompanied increased costs.

Innovation Fond Denmark has invested in the project and VIVE – the Danish Centre for Social Science Research is lead investigator in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark, University College Absalon, Svendborg municipality and nursing home Skovhuset. MATURE kicked off in February 2017 and the project continues until January 2020.


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