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MATURE is a cooperation between VIVE, SDU, University College Absalon, Svendborg Municipality and nursing home Skovhuset.


VIVE is the lead and primary investigator in many of the workpackages as well as a contributing institution in all workpackages. Data collection and research are transformed into scientific articles as well as reports. Through these publications VIVE contributes to research based, up-to-date knowledge about older adults residing in Denmark.

MATURE is coordinated by Senior Researcher, Anu Siren and VIVE – The Danish Centre of Social Science Research. VIVE was established on July 1st 2017, following a merger between SFI – The Danish National Centre for Social Research and KORA, the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research. VIVE is an independent analyses and research centre working within all major welfare fields. VIVE has around 200 employees specializing primarily in economics, sociology, political science, anthropology and psychology.

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University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The Danish Aging Research Centre at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is internationally acknowledged for its studies in different aspects of the ageing processes and longevity. In MATURE, this epidemiological and geriatric expertise is bridged with an applied setting. SDU’s role in MATURE is centered on issues of eHealth innovations in early detection and timely treatment of health threatening diseases.

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University College Absalon

University College Absalon provides University College level education and conducts research within the areas of welfare service and health care (e.g. nursing, social work, and public administration). Absalon has an applied research profile with a cross-disciplinary focus. Absalon has well-established collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders and welfare service providers in the public, private, and third sector.

Through MATURE, a digital platform to strengthen the social networks of older adults in Slagelse Municipality is tested.

The results of the research project will be tranformed into research papers and add substantial value to the education of health care professionals ensuring a lasting impact of the project

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Svendborg Municipality

The municipality of Svendborg contributes to MATURE through providing process and implementation support. Svendborg Municipality will also have an important role in validating and qualifying the synthesis, scenarios and curricula developed in MATURE. The MATURE project and Svendborg Municipality will co-finance the community nurse that is necessary for the implementation and testing of the investigated innovation.

Learn more about Svendborg Municipality (In Danish)

Skovhuset, Hillerød Municipality

Care center Skovhuset in Hillerød Municipality is a residential care center with 104 residents and 165 staff members. Skovhuset is a modern facility with various innovative welfare and assistive technologies. The use of these technologies is first and foremost based on the individual needs and preferences of residents. Skovhuset will contribute to MATURE by providing an interesting and innovative research site for the study. Skovhuset will obtain knowledge on how use of technologies can release and identify human potential among frail older adults, which will help them to further invest in specific technologies, and develop the practices in care technology use. Skovhuset is planning on carrying out closer investigations of the technologies they use, and MATURE will provide a platform for that future work. Skovhuset will also have an important role in validating and qualifying the synthesis, scenarios and curricula developed in MATURE.

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